This is the first Edition of our Style Blog. We’ve named it our Style Tribe to feature the people, places and things that inspire us and, hopefully, you too. Our journey started about a year ago when we began to brainstorm with new concepts and ideas for our clothing brand. We, eventually, developed a brand name that encapsulated the ideas of what we wanted to offer, something that was unique and original, high quality and of true sustenance and distinction. Clothing that was a hybrid between casual/dress/sport/tailored, suitable to an urban lifestyle, with supreme stylishness and trans-functional use. And something that could meet the needs of an underserved fashion clientele.

The origins of the word “Quincaillerie”- (Kan Kaya Reē) comes from ironmongery, a less commonly known fact, and when translated means hardware. And where we draw inspiration and iconography for our authentic brand mark derived from this very distinct word in the french lexicon. Conceived and created in Belgium by American and French Designers Eugene Lumpkin and Benoît Parotte.“La Maison Quincaillerie” combines sport, fashion and tailoring with a street sensibility accessible for guys in their day-day routine.